Our first suggestion is to try to locate the course from your own course schedule.  Instead of selecting your home campus however, use the scroll-down bar to find the college that has the course you want to take.  Select that course and add it the same way you would add a course from your own campus. You would be taking the course as a visiting student and there may be no other step you need to take.  If that doesn't work, it's possible the course has some course pre-requisites you need to meet.   The visiting campus does not have access to your academic record and doesn't know if you meet the requirements.  In that case, contact the instructor or contact person at that campus and send him or her a copy of your academic record or Degree Audit Report to document your coursework.  If you meet the requirements, the visiting campus will work with you to make sure you get into the course.   But for now, you will need to enroll and register at each college.

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