How do I pay for all of this?

Many students rely on financial aid to complete their college education. There are many different grants, loans, and aid available to assist college students. Regardless of which college you choose to attend ALL STUDENTS must complete the FAFSA form annually.

Financial aid:

To apply for federal and state grants, you must complete an Application for Student Aid. You can download a form online or you can pick up the form at one of the E-LECT member community and technical colleges. The college financial aid office can help you fill out the form.

Download the free application for federal student aid at:

What are the tuition rates?

Tuition Rates:

0ut of state tuition:

Do you live in Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota or Manitoba, Canada? You are eligible for tuition rates similar to those paid by Minnesota residents. Otherwise, out-of-state tuition is approximately double the rate for Minnesota residents.  Some colleges will not charge out of state tuition.

T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® MINNESOTA

(Teacher Education And Compensation Helps) is an education scholarship program for early childhood and school-age care providers. The purpose of TEACH is to increase the education of child care providers and to reduce child care provider turnover by providing incentives to stay in the child care field.

For more information on TEACH, contact the Minnesota Child Care Resource and Referral Network:

Metro phone: 651-290-9704 ext. 23     Toll free (outstate): 888-308-3224 ext. 23
Staff email:

Tax Benefits:

There are new tax benefits to help families with college tuition. See if one of these programs may help you: 

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