How can I complete an internship or practicum course via E-LECT?

Limited schools offer internship or practicum experiences via E-lect.  All students will need to be supervised by a cooperating teacher/mentor.  Distinctive differences exist and students need to check the specific requirements from the instructor as well as their home school advisor prior to enrolling. 

A range of possibilities for example are:

·        One instructor may require the student enrolled to videotape themselves teaching, whereas another instructor may require the student to set up a webcam in the classroom. 

·        Students who live within a selected radius will be observed by an instructor, whereas other students who live out of state for example will not. 

·        Lesson plans and other assignments can be submitted via on-line but will need to be implemented with children.  

Note: technology equipment maybe required such as digital camcorders, webcams, etc

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