All E-LECT member community and technical colleges have an open admissions policy. This means that if you have a high school diploma or a GED you can enroll.

Once you have been admitted, you must take an assessment test. This test is used to determine which English and mathematics classes are appropriate for you. The assessment test measures reading, writing,  technology, and math skills. If you score low of the assessment test, you will have to take developmental or remedial courses before you can take college-level courses.

At this time, none of the E-LECT member colleges offer assessment tests (also known as student placement tests) on-line. You will need to go on-campus to take the student assessment test and attend student orientation.

Colleges hold new student orientation sessions prior to the beginning of a new semester. Orientation gives new students a chance to tour the campus, meet faculty and staff, meet other students, get a student I.D. card, learn about campus resources, ask questions, meet new people and review expectations of college students.

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